Martinus Sieveking

Amsterdam, 24.03.1867 - Pasadena, 26.11.1950

Classical composer, pianist, music teacher, bodybuilder
and long-time companion of Eugen Sandow.


Sieveking's Stats: Height: 5'11", Weight: 175 lbs., Chest: 43", Biceps: 16 1/4",
Waist: 26", Thighs: 23" Chest: 43", Biceps: 16 1/4", Waist: 26", Thighs: 23"
Well now - you don't have that kind of information about pianists today.

Sieveking was born in Amsterdam and educated as classical composer and pianist with Julius Röntgen as his prime teacher. He emigrated to the United States and became an accomplished music teacher and concert pianist.
There he also met Eugen Sandow
, the most famous bodybuilder in the early days of the sport. Sandow was born in Prussia, Germany on April 2nd 1867 and he began his career as a sideshow "strongman". Early in life, and with the help of showman Florenz Ziegfeld, Sandow decided that it wasn't enough just to demonstrate his strength, but decided to display his muscular physique as a work of art.
Eugen and Martinus lived together in New York City early in the 20th century, and Martinus often accompanied Sandow on tour. Martinus wrote music for many of Sandow's "Muscle Display Performances" including "March of the Athletes". 
In 1915 Sieveking founded a piano school in New York for advanced level pianists. He lived a long and successful life and passed away in Pasadena, California at the age of 83.


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