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J. A. Ide

Born: ?

Ballade 1884 (George Willig & Co, Baltimore.)

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Wilhelm Irgang

Born: ?

Melodie fr die linke Hand op. 21  1883 (Geaorge Willig & Co, Baltimore.)


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 Igor Ivanek (Iwanek)  Polish-Jewish pianist and composer

Born in Łodz, Poland 1981

His composition teachers include Samuel Adler, Robert Beaser, Alain Gaussin, Jan Swafford, Andy Vores and Dalit Warshaw. He has been studying piano under Marina Magazinnik. In 2007 he was admitted to PI KAPPA LAMBDA - National Music Honors Society. In addition to composing he is an active proponent of music for piano, left hand alone. After that her emigrated to USA and after seven years completed his BM in Composition in 2008 at The Boston Conservatory. In the fall of 2008 Iwanek received the Special Prize at the Second International I.J. Paderewski Composition Competition in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

  Igor Iwanek at the piano  

He is the winner of the Kaji Aso composition competition and the recipient of the Roger Sessions Memorial Composition Award. This year he was also awarded the Williamson Foundation of Music Award. He is the finalist of 2008 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Competition. Last year Iwanek received the Emerging Artist of New England Award from The Saint Botolph Club Foundation. In 2007 he was the winner of The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble Composition Competition. He is the recipient of Fontainebleau Ecole d'Arts Americaines and Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst grants.

Igor Iwanek is a versatile composer as well as a seasoned educator whose teaching career took him to such renowned places as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). His music won a number of awards at international competitions in the USA, Japan and Europe.  Currently he teaches undergraduate and graduate harmony courses at Jackson State University and piano at Mississippi College Taylor School. He received his Doctorate in Music Composition from Boston University. He is a composer in residence with the  Boston Chamber Orchestra.

The Greek philosopher, Plato, claimed that seeking order and harmony, we reach out towards beautiful things so that they can help restore the sense of order in our lives. One of the most fascinating things about being a composer is that one constantly learns from these fabulous pieces of musical artworks that were left by generations of amazing musicians. More so - there is no end to such learning,
Compositions of J.S. Bach and Alexander Scriabin in particular have always been a source of great inspiration for Igor. He is also interested in electro-acoustic music that expands the possibilities of live instruments by using samples. His non-western influences include a fascination for Solkattu (classical Indian system of spoken rhythm patterns), Indian Harmonium and Persian Classical music.

Afro-Cuban music tradition, and the dancing that goes with it have had a profound influence on Igor's musical thinking. Futhermore, Igor is greatly in the mystical relationship music and geometry.

Black is the Colour of My Soul - a  work for piano, won the Third Prize at the 2015 Senzoku Contemporary Composition Competition in Japan. Igor's Three Mazurki for piano won a special prize at the Second International Paderewski Composition Competition. His Pope Music, for orchestra won the Boston University Composition Competition. Additionally, Igor won the Williamson Foundation of Music Award and is the winner of the Kaji Aso composition prize and the recipient of the Roger Sessions Memorial Composition Award. Igor received the Emerging Artist of New England Award from the Saint Botolf Foundation and was the winner of the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble Composition Competition.

Recently Igor completed artist residency program at Avaloch Farm Music Institute with one of Boston's leading chamber music ensembles - the Ellipsis Trio. His current projects include a piano trio for the Ellipsis Trio as well as an arrangement of Bach's solo violin works for the  Boston Chamber Orchestra.  Igors works were played, commissioned or workshopped by such groups as Arditti String Quartet, Amber Flute Quartet, Jack Quartet, Alea III, Boston University Symphony Orchestra, Boston Chamber Orchestra, Xanthos Ensemble. Some notable soloists who worked on and commissioned Igor's music include saxophonist Ken Radnofsky, cellists David Cruz and  Masanori Taniguchi, flutist Elzbieta Brandys    and pianist Maja Tremiszewska  among others. 

Outside of music Igor loves to spend time cooking, rocking in a rocking chair,  reading, fussing about in his herb garden, salsa dancing, hanging out at animal farms and riding his aqua blue Stella scooter.

Three Mazurki
 (2008) Special Prize at III International Paderewski Composition Competition in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Three Hexatonic Poles

Black Is the Colour of My Soul
(2013) 3rd Prize Winner Senzoku Gakuen International Composition Competition, Japan 2015

Songs with piano accompaniment

Piano Concerto (2006) The title is of course the sarcastic sign put at the top of Jesu cross by by Pontius Pilate, meaning: Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Iudaeorvm or in English: Jesus of Nazareth - King of the Jews. (In the Gospel of John 19:19-20)


Preludes op.28, Chopin - nos. 1,2,3,4, 14

Kunst Der Fuge, Bach - Contrapunctus I, III, IV

Bach Violin Partitas


Prelude op.67 no 2

Prelude op 31 no 1

Prelude op 31 no 3

Poemes op. 63

Poemes op. 69

Poeme op 32 no 1

Prelude op 74 no 1 and 2

Preludes op 11 no 4, 6, 14 and 24

Etude op 8 no 2

Schumann:  Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai




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