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Hermann Unger  German composer

Kamenz, Saxony, 26.10.1886 - Cologne, 31.12.1958

First after having studied classical philosophy in Leipzig did Unger turn to music. This was in Munich where his teachers were Edgar Istel and Joseph Haas but later he went on to Meiningen where he for a longer period of time took lessons from Max Reger, This is felt in his chamber music which has some very fine contrapuntal elements - besides a fresh naturalness without any revolutionary tendencies. During his last years Unger was head librarian at The High School of Music of Cologne - an institution where he had also been director for some tears.
Although Unger has composed operas, incidental music, two symphonies and other orchestral pieces it is in the smaller works that he excels. 

Romanze for horn and piano (right or left hand)

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